Review of dBs Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon

Direct Beat System’s Bluetooth headphones are quite inexpensive and yet quite good when it comes to practicality and performance. The headphone’s look is very simple yet sleek, there is not too much going on. Its matte finish gives it that sophisticated look compared to the typical glossy headphones available from other headphone manufacturers out there.

It is lightweight and the ear cushions are soft to the touch. The earpieces can be extended longer to fit a variety of head sizes. The foldable dbs live headphone bluetoothdesign is also a plus. It can fit into anything, either a small bag or in a luggage pocket. It is user-friendly. The button functions are pretty much self-explanatory. An on/off button to switch it on or off, play/pause button, next/previous and an “M” button with a phone icon beside it to answer and drop calls.

There is a mini USB Charging port and it only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge it. It also comes with a 3.5mm cable for devices that does not support Bluetooth. The sound quality on these headphones is good considering the price it is being sold for. Turning the volume up on a mobile device and the headphones at the same time to maximize the loudness is a good idea to hear all that bass from all sorts of music. Anything can be heard clearly and seamlessly while listening to music or an audio book or when watching a movie from a computer. With the volume turned up on the headphones along with the device, the outside noise is completely blocked out.

After a few hours of use, it is still quite comfortable to the ears. The range goes as far as 10 meters. Within that range, the connection is seamless and is not cutting in and out when taking calls. Overall, the dBs Live headphone is a decent wireless headphone for its price.You can find out more here:



10 Amazing Benefits Of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Technology keeps upgrading every now and then, new ideas keeping being introduced. After the introduction of wireless phones and laptops, currently there are wireless bluetooth speakersbest bluetooth speakers 2015 that have changed the whole music experience. They have added sophistication and comfort to our day to day lives. Outlined are benefits of bluetooth technology:


These are a good selection for those people who dislike wires entangling themselves. The fact that they are wireless handling them becomes quite convenient.


Wireless bluetooth speakers are quite affordable and many online stores offer attractive discounts.

Energy efficient

They require very low energy despite their high quality sounds. They are quite environmental friendly since they help you save on power bills. Manufacturers are also making sure that the latest inventions consume even less power.


The best portable speakers are very portable and you can easily connect them to your device. Ensure that the receiver remains in the appropriate range you are assured to have your speaker effectively running. They are light and small which makes them easily portable. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Awesome sound quality

These speakers emanate impressive sound that gives you that theatrical experience. Music fans will for sure enjoy this ultimate experience. This factor makes them the ideal selection for parties.


Another advantage with these speakers is the fact that they do not need installation. You just need to adjust them automatically without any configuration.

Ideal for hangouts, picnics and parties

If you intend to plan a picnic or party these are just the gadgets to carry with you since they are very portable and wireless. They ensure that your guests do not get bored and their high quality sound will be effective enough set everyone dancing and making merry.


They are available in a wide attractive range of colors. Their impressive nature just makes you want to show them off to your friends.

Secure connections

These speakers come with an in-built type of a connection that is secure with encryptions and PIN codes. When other bluetooth devices want to connect with your device, they first have to identify themselves and also have to use a PIN code you select the first time both devices connect.

You can share data and voice

These speakers come with an option that makes sharing of data and voice very easy. All you need to do is create a wireless bluetooth connection with the device you want to send to or receive data from.

What is Bluetooth Technoogy?

In many aspects, the term Bluetooth Technology has become more of a word that seems to have been the buzz around people and it is commonly used in the modern world. Seen in a lot of different commercials are the various devices and handsets wherein the Bluetooth Technology have been already available and these devices can be browsed through this particular website. With regard to technology, how we define this?

The events recorded

The term Bluetooth have brought some speculations and some thoughts to the people and this should be looked upon first. The term Technology is actually quite less of a high technology than you might think and this term is based on the history of this particular continent. Known for his great capability in communication to people is this particular person of the highest authority in a specific country with a surname of who was reigning around the years nine hundred forty to nine hundred eight one. In spite of the vagueness, for a specific standard in communication companies, the source is quite suitable to be used.

The other aspect on this kind of Technology that needs to be investigated about is the logo. Since this was based on the ancient alphabet of this particular country, the combination of the second letter of the alphabet and this particular sign was chosen for the logo of Bluetooth Technology.

The capabilities of Bluetooth

Based of what is the frequently asked question, the definition is given for this technology seen on this specific website: The definition of the particular technology include providing a linkage among handsets and devices that has this incorporated in it as well as get connection with the world wide web which is actually a small for and a low cost to pay specifications.

With a two point four specific unit with regard to signals in radio communications is What is Bluetooth Technology has just like those other different systems used in telecommunications. There may be some challenges that will be encountered to avoid the interference that will occur among the handsets since that band has been crowded already. The quality of transmission have an improvement with the reduction in the interference mainly due to the systems used in telecommunications have a different band utilized for its signal to resolve such issue. Because there is a requirement of a different hardware to be used from the standard of one point zero, so as to eliminate the chances of getting a compatibility of the backward type, there is great reduction in the interference with this particular version of this Technology used which is of one point one.


5 Top Benefits of Portable Speakers You Probably Didn’t Know About

For any discerning music lover who would want to listen to music when on the go without much effort and hassle, then portable speakers are a must have for them. So what are these portable speakers? Normally coming fully equipped with Bluetooth technology, these are some sort of external speakers that can be hyperlink with a phone, Laptop or PC and play music.

Portable and high quality music

This is probably one of the biggest merits of Bluetooth speakers; the amount of convenience these speakers come with. They are extremely tronnixx bluetooth wireless speaker oplightweight and you can transport them with so much ease. If you detest wires and you normally find it hard to entangle them, this is what you should be going for next. The kind of high quality these speakers come with is another thing; the kind of sound that you can get is super impressive.

Power efficient

These types of speakers are extremely power efficient. Compared to other types of speakers, despite the good quality of audio the amount of power they require is extremely minimal. Most of them when fully charged can run for longer period of time; you can listen to your music non stop for hours.

Ideal for hangouts and picnics

Whether you are going on holiday or for a picnic, you can carry these kinds of speakers with you. They are wireless and surprisingly transportable; you won’t have any trouble carrying them around.

No need to install

This is another biggest advantage of portable speakers; you do not need to install them. They normally get adjusted automatically and there is not need for configurations or installation. The only thing you will have to worry about is the distance. For example, when your device is in a span of about 5 Meters, then you speakers will be good to go. Amazing isn’t.


Despite the kind of convenience they come with, these types of speakers are surprisingly affordable. Most of them are priced no more that ten of dollars making them the best choices for music lovers who are looking for the best speakers at a relatively lower price. They actually offer one of the most cost effective ways for listening to your music anywhere and everywhere you go.

Overall, bluetooth speakers are truly the best. As you can see, the amounts of benefits you can net from them are virtually endless. So if you are currently into music, these are the kinds of items you should be shopping for next.

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